Active cooling following Cardiac Arrest- An Overview

Tharanga Perera, MD Anaesthesiology

Sudden cardiac death represents a major health problem in adults. Mortality from cardiac arrest exceeds 90% in out of hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) [1,3] and 70% in most studies on, in hospital cardiac arrests (IHCA) [46] More than two-thirds of initially resuscitated patients die before hospital discharge [7,8]. The major causes of hospital mortality are post-resuscitation brain and myocardial dysfunction [9,10]. Even if patients do regain consciousness, persistent neurological or cognitive deficits are–cardiac arrest care after return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) can improve the likelihood of patient survival with good quality of life. Mild therapeutic hypothermia (TH)is recognized as a strategy of improving neurological outcome of post cardiac arrest patients [10, 15]

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