Welcome to the Faculty of Critical Care Medicine

Message from the President of College of Anaesthesiologists & Intensivists of Sri Lanka

Dr. Kanishka Indraratne

The practice of Intensive care is part of the responsibilities of a trained and qualified anaesthesiologist. From the beginning of Intensive care, it has been Anaesthesiologists, who have taken up the care of the critically ill patient. This is because the practice of critical care is most of the time an extension of anaesthesia, particularly when it concerns the high risk surgical patient, cardiac surgical patient and neuro surgical patient.

Message from the Head of Faculty of Critical Care Medicine

                       Prof. Vasanthi Pinto

In the year 2018 ,  the College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka proudly celebrates the 50th anniversary of the introduction of intensive care to Sri Lanka .

The 15th of June 1968 marked a major milestone in medical history in Sri Lanka through the inauguration of the first Intensive Care Unit at General Hospital Colombo. This was spearheaded by Dr. Thistle Jayawardhane, Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Anaesthesiologist.

In 1976 the second Intensive Care Unit was established as the recovery unit in General Hospital, Colombo to accommodate general surgical and medical patients.

In 1980 the third ICU was started at the Teaching Hospital Peradeniya.